Writers from all over the country responded to the question "What does it mean to be a grown-up?" with everything from essays to picture books. Check out just some of the pieces:

My Dad the Ghost Rider - editor Zack Parsons takes us into the head of a teenage girl going through puberty with an unfortunate set of genetics.

An Open Letter to My Mom - Head writer of the Onion AV Club, Nathan Rabin, gives us a gut-wrenchingly honest look at his relationship with his mother.

The Hero with a Thousand Fixtures - Political blogger Mobutu Sese Seko of Et Tu Mr Destructo and makes an argument for the ultimate test of being a grown-up. Hint: it's a national chain with many convenient locations. 

To All the Men I Ever Loved - A message to every man Broadway actress Lusia Strus has ever loved, one by one, with details.

A Found-Item Look at What It Means To Be a Grown-Up - Found Magazine curates this group of lists and other found items that reveal what people think about being an adult when no one else is watching.

Because We're Working Without a Net Here People - An interactive journey back through every time playwright and actress Jacquelyn Landgraf came close to dying.

Stages of Grown: An Exhaustively Researched Chart - Comedy writer Kevin Bowen presents his careful research into how the growing up process has changed over the years. Or, possibly, he made the entire thing up.

An Interview with a Couple Who Have Two Adult Children Living at Home - We take a look at the new economic reality many families face today with this interview about the day-to-day family life of a couple with children in their late 20s who live at home.

What It Means To Be a Grown-Up: A Flowchart - Finally, a simple, five page flowchart to take you from birth to, well, you know.

All this, plus over twenty more pieces!

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